dieta per essere in forma

Being fit is not just a matter of aesthetics: a toned body is a healthy, functioning organism protected by an active immune system.

On the contrary, a body weighed down by excess pounds corresponds to an organism with some health problem.

The appeal to reduce calories is mandatory for those who intend to get fit in the shortest possible time.

The advice is to reduce the usual portions by a quarter and at the same time increase the consumption of vegetables especially at the beginning of the meal in order to increase the sense of satiety.

Food choices are important and a spring resolution, in view of the upcoming summer, could be to experiment with new foods, planning different menus based on chicken, fish, tofu and seitan, legumes and whole grains seasoned with an excellent extra virgin olive oil of olive. At least until the recovery of physical form, it is also good to pay attention to drinks, preferring water, green and white tea, and purifying herbal teas especially in the morning from waking up, avoiding wines, champagne and carbonated drinks.

Changing the usual aperitif and preferring tomato juice or a vegetable centrifuged can help you get back in shape quickly, especially if the aperitif is accompanied by cruditè and not by chips, olives and salted peanuts that cause water retention. Absolutely avoid ready-made and preserved foods due to the high content of hydrogenated fats and salt; in case of hunger, soluble fiber in powder to dissolve in water and help restore the sense of satiety until dinner or lunch time.


The secret of well-being certainly depends on the choice of foods and the composition of your menu, but nutrition alone is not enough: adding 30-40 minutes of running to the usual physical activity and going to the gym once more a week is a choice that allows you to reduce the recovery time of physical fitness.

Finally, if chronic sedentary lifestyle is part of your lifestyle, help yourself with a walk of at least 45 minutes a day everyone must find their own motivation to choose to take care of themselves: deciding to change habits is not an easy goal but becomes even more difficult without will and determination.

The reward? An active and fit body, as well as a young and lively mind at any age.