Health Center via Senato Milano 17-02-09

Wellness - A lifestyle choice

It all started in the USA: studies, important experience as a personal trainer, the chance to learn about fitness and wellness. This led to a passion that has become my life choice. When I returned to Italy, I tried to transfer to my centers that new concept of Wellness and Fitness, which today has become Lifestyle. When we talk about lifestyle, in fact, we think of healthy individual habits that are part of our lives and improve their quality: we think of diet, physical activity, not smoking, and managing stress.

Each person has a different idea of what quality of life is: therefore, before proposing solutions, in my Health Clubs we start by getting to know the person, their needs and how their body works. This is the only way we can recommend the most suitable programs to help the client achieve his or her goals and build a wellness projectthat will become his or her lifestyle.

The right team
for the best results

I believe that finding the right personal trainer for you is not a matter of luck, just as I believe that there is no one right personal trainer for every client. Based on these principles, I founded a training school for personal trainers that follows a theoretical-practical program to teach future experts how to deal with the needs of the individual, answering the multitude of questions whether it is personal training at home or in fitness centers.

All this so that Health Club clients can have at their side not only a coach but above all a motivator capable of helping the persons to achieve the best possible results.

Woman doing workout at the gym with trainer
Health Center via Senato Milano 17-02-09

All our knowledge
at your disposal

My centers are not only known for their professional quality and personalized programs: with us, health, and lifestyle play an important role. Therefore, the Health Club has a medical staff experienced in anti-aging and sports medicine: before starting the training program, in fact, the client undergoes a medical examination to study the body composition, lean mass and fat mass, as well as a check-up every two months to verify the successes and possibly modify programs and lifestyles. In fact, with us the client does not just train his body; he gains well-being by acquiring new lifestyles that are suitable for him.

This is how Angelo Caroli Lifestyle was born: an exclusive selection of useful information to build your future wellness and health.

Customized solutions

Customized solutions for every structure approaching the world of wellness. Thanks to many years of experience in the design and management of SPAs and Health Clubs around the world, both in independent structures and in hotels, our consultancy and training activities are carried out directly in the field.