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The cliché that low temperatures weaken our immune defenses is unfounded. In reality, the cold is an indirect cause of colds and infections.

The thermometer goes down, colds and sore throats proliferate. Is it the fault of the immune system that becomes less resistant? It is not so. Various studies have, in fact, disavowed this belief which, however, remains hard to die. Although the cold-wet climate of winter seems to be the main factor involved in the increased incidence of winter diseases, this has not proven to be the cause of the proliferation of flu viruses, colds and infections, nor capable of weakening the system immune. “Think of the fact that microorganisms reproduce less with the cold and therefore, technically, they are weakened” explains Gian Paolo Baruzzi, expert in natural medicine and homotoxicology from Milan. The person responsible for their proliferation during the bad season is another. The fact that the cold ‘forces’ people to stay warm, in a humid and confined environment, with the windows closed and where there are generally more people such as in the office, cinema, home, subway. It is this behavior that creates a perfect niche not only for the growth of microorganisms, but also for their transmission through contact or droplets of saliva as happens with cold or flu viruses. The cold, in practice, increases the opportunities for sharing viruses and bacteria “.

The counterattack.

There are over 40,000 deaths among the over 65s from the consequences of the influenza virus recorded each year by the European Center for Disease Control (CEM). The advice of the CEM experts is to use the flu vaccine especially if you fall into the risk categories.

“To raise the immune defenses which 70% are found in the intestine”, suggests the natural medicine expert,
“It could be useful to resort to specific homeopathic medicines (such as the homeopathic vaccine) and non-specific (such as prebiotics or phytotherapeutic drugs such as echinacea, fermented papaya extract and noni extract which has been shown to have an important action nutraceuticals as a stimulant of the immune system). To this must be associated a healthy diet which, even in winter, must take into account fresh fruit and vegetables, preferably in season. As always, constant physical activity is useful. Furthermore ”, concludes Gian Paolo Baruzzi,“ wash your hands well and often, which are an important cause of the spread of microorganisms ”.