Caroli method

“If I say that achieving wellness is not mathematically logical and that there is no ‘recipe’ for health and fitness, I would be telling the simple truth, but I would be going against my life’s work, which has been spent searching for a way to improve the quality of life for our clients.

The truth, as always, lies in the middle. That is, in my opinion, in the possibility of codifying the basic grids of a method that must then be applied to the needs and characteristics of everyone. This is the certainty that has guided me in developing the philosophy ofAngelo Caroli Method, applied in our centers: places that go far beyond the simple concept of a gym where physical activity and a beauty center is practiced: here you change your lifestyle. A personalized program, studied ad hoc by a team of experts, food suited to the physical structure, new habits, commitment, and seriousness to build a global balance between mind and body.

All this is guaranteed by a rigorous scientific approach, which I have successfully exported to several countries, and by the absolute professionalism and competence of the staff, who are constantly updated and monitored.”

Angelo Caroli's Treatments

Developed by the Angelo Caroli team and based on the personalization of each treatment according to the specific individuality of each client, they involve a careful sensorial journey and use Angelo Caroli Skincare cosmetic products, whose formulations stand out for their originality and meticulous use of natural ingredients of the highest quality. This synergy allows each treatment to elicit a harmonious succession of olfactory, tactile, visual, auditory and taste stimuli, thanks also to infusions and herbal teas that amplify the benefits.

Wellness paths by Angelo Caroli

The Way of Balance: A path targeted to individual needs and designed to recreate holistic balance. The body acquires a new awareness, in a return to its natural origins free of tension and stress, a recovery of energy to relax and rebalance the body and mind.

La Via della Seta (The Silk Road): a 5-treatment program (to be booked separately) aimed at achieving or maintaining balance of health, beauty, and radiance in the skin of the face. A way to slow down the ageing process, giving the skin the precious elements of nature contained in our products of vegetable and organic origin.