Sunspots on the face, how to eliminate or prevent them?

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Everyone likes to sunbathe in the summer. Whether on a relaxing beach or on a pristine mountain, sunlight is not only relaxing, it is also beneficial for our health.

The sun helps us to synthesize Vitamin D better (useful for bones), to improve blood circulation, to calm physical pains and to stimulate our immune system, making T lymphocytes more active.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause skin problems, however.
Sunspots, for example, are dark, irregularly shaped patches that appear mainly on the face, shoulders, and breasts. But what do they come from?

These annoying spots are caused by ultraviolet rays, which interfere with melanogenesis: the process that allows the synthesis of melanin. A correct absorption of sunlight, on the contrary, allows you to have a uniform complexion.

Sunspots can be bothersome on an aesthetic level. Their appearance occurs mostly after the age of 60, but they can also form at a younger age and especially after continuous sunburn.

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How can we eliminate them?

A possible cure for sunspots depends on their severity.

The treatment methods include: cryotherapy, dermabrasion, laser therapy, diathermocoagulation and peeling.

Cryotherapy, a very futuristic term, is a medical technique that uses liquid nitrogen. In this way the nitrogen, upon contact with the skin, will “freeze” the stain removing it completely.

Dermabrasion, on the other hand, is the removal, by means of a sander, of the surface affected by sunspots.

Laser therapy uses a laser that “evaporates” the water molecules in the cells affected by this imperfection.

Diathermocoagulation consists in generating radio waves, using special electronic scalpels, to evaporate the drops of water in the stained epidermal cells and, consequently, eliminate them.

Finally, peeling consists in applying a particular chemical agent for a controlled period of time. In case of minor sunspots natural methods can be used. Among these it is advisable to use neem oil, lightening creams, aloe vera gels, calendula creams, rosehip oil or oils such as Lemon : moisturizing and nourishing face and body oil, from our skincare line. Jojoba oil in synergy with rice essential oil and sweet almond oil will give relief to your skin, especially after a hot day in the sun!


Natural remedies are, of course, in serious cases and not, undoubtedly the best ones.
But you must also prevent sunspots, and in this case it is useful to expose yourself to the sun in a conscientious way, using adequate sun creams and taking care to drink plenty of water during the day. Consuming fruit and vegetables, especially in summer, is certainly advisable.

In doing so, sunspots will be an easy enemy to fight!


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